ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Online | International Travel Insurance Policy Benefits

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Online | International Travel Insurance Policy Benefits

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Online | International Travel Insurance Policy Benefits

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance provides passenger health coverage and services that are improved to the needs of each individual or family. ICICI Travel Insurance Offer Policy, which covers the life of the insurer during travel without medical examination up to 85 years.In addition, our international travel insurance offers comprehensive plans with many value-added services providing care and support to bring your loved ones back home.
When planning a trip abroad, it is always advisable to consider what type of travel health insurance is right for your needs. 

ICICI Travel Insurance offers many benefits such as cashless hospitalization, personal accident and dental treatment cover, ICICI Lombard provides comprehensive coverage to the policy holder. By taking advantage of our Overseas Travel Insurance, you can satisfy your wanderings without worrying about travel risk. You can also manage medical or health expenses. If anything, in a foreign country where medical treatment is very expensive and you have the ability to save lives.
So pack for an exciting trip with the safety net of our international travel insurance.

When traveling a Travel insurance cancellation includes:

For many travelers, financial security is the first reason to buy travel insurance if they are unable to go on their journey. With Trip Cancellation coverage you can cover all your prepaid and non-refundable travel expenses.

If you cancel your trip before going through your policy for some reason, canceling the trip may reimburse you 100% of the cost of your trip.
The most common reasons include:
1) illness, injury or death, a traveling companion or family member.
2) weather prevents you from reaching your destination.
3) Terrorist attack on its destination.

ICICI Lambard Travel Insurance FAQ:

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Unfortunate events like loss of luggage, loss of passport, medical emergency or any accident can affect your business, whether it is business or entertainment. International travel insurance protects you from such disasters to ensure that you are not covered by any emergency.

What is the policy cancellation charge?
The policy cancellation fee is $ 300.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my  ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Policy ?

If there is no balance of at least 7 days for termination of the policy, the policy purchased online will be canceled and will be returned on the basis of any pro-rata.

Salient features of ICICI Travel Insurance:

Global cashless hospitalization
value added service:

Coverage Maximum coverage up to 500,000.
No medical test for 85 years.
Working with Falk India Pvt Ltd is a support service provider
Buy for 6 Month (180 days) and renew for another 6 Month (180) days.

Platinum has provided value-added services to dependents in India.
Worthy Emergency Hotel Extension
Special Plan for Schengen Countries

ICICI Lombard Product and services :

1) ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance
2) ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
3) ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance
4) ICICI Lombard Home Insurance
5) ICICI Lombard Specialty Lines Insurance
6) ICICI Lombard Property Insurance
7) ICICI Lombard Marine Insurance
8) ICICI Lombard Liability Insurance
9) ICICI Lombard Crop / Weather Insurance

International travel insurance
ICICI Lombard Customer Service Contact Details:

To file a claim, contact our helpline number. You can contact us:

In the United States: +1 877 352 7706 (toll free)

+1 877 352 7693 in Canada (toll free)

In India: 1800 209 8889 (Toll free and accessible only in India)

Email ID:

This is the lots of benefits of ICICI TRAVEL INSURANCE.If You are Interested to open your policy then contact to above Numbers.