Web Hosting And Its Types - How To Buy Best Hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers 2020

Web Hosting And Its Types - How To Buy Best Hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers 2020

Hello friends How are you All Today? Welcome to TekPanti, In this Post, you will know about Web Hosting. In this post, we will tell you about Web Hosting., I Hope, you may like our posts.

When we create our website or blog, then we should need 2 things first domain and the other is Web Hosting, without both you are not able to create a website or blog on the Internet, it is necessary to have a Proper Knowledge to run your website. 

Web Hosting And Its Types - How To Buy Hosting- Best Web Hosting Providers
Web Hosting And Its Types - How To Buy Hosting
Today everyone wants their own website, but to create a website, many things have to be kept in mind, those who are learning to blog or blogging is new to them.

If you also want to make your website and want to know how to purchase hosting then this is our Post Web Hosting. From the beginning to the end, let us know what is Web Hosting?

In this blog post, I will tell you the 4 most commonly used web hosting. these are shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. now know the way to choose best web hosting for your website.

1. Shared Web hosting-

Shared web hosting is best for beginner bloggers. as its name calls shared means a shared hosting account. means to say that shared web in the shared web hosting. your website is placed on the same server with some other websites.

 if you are a beginner then you can go buy this web hosting. there are some pros and cons of this web hosting. if we talk about the advantage of this web hosting the main advantage of this web hosting is that the cost of web hosting is shared with the other clients.

 this is the most affordable web hosting for the beginners. the estimated cost of this web hosting is 150 rupees per month. lots of people use this web hosting and making a huge amount of money.

If we talk about the disadvantage of this web hosting is that sharing the server with many clients for parties because it is slow down the speed of your website due to the too many parties on one server.

VPS hosting -

Here the VPS stands for the virtual private server. this is the next level shared web hosting. this is also a web hosting used by most of the bloggers. web hosting this is still a shared server is it there separate virtual machines.

 which give you dedicated server. this is also a better option to build a website. VPS hosting is much stable and reliable than that of the shared web hosting. usually, 10 to 15 website or located on a single server.

In this web hosting a virtual machine is used to separate the server. this web hosting gives you more flexibility and enables you to do customization as you need. this is also good web hosting to run a website.

Dedicated web hosting- 

Now in the third position, I want to talk about the hosting that is dedicated hosting. now that dedicated as its name calls it is a dedicated server for yourself. this web hosting provides lots of benefits. guys I won't let you know that this web hosting is used for the big leagues or for the companies to run their websites.

There are many pros and cons of this web hosting. if we talk about the pros of this web hosting no one can steal your data from your server because a dedicated server is given to you. there is no security risk and does not cause any other issues.

This is also a good option but used by the big leagues. it cost $60 per month to $300 per month.

Cloud web hosting-

Now at the end, I would like to talk about the web hosting that is cloud hosting. cloud hosting is the same as that of the virtual private source hosting. in case of VPS hosting you have your own virtual machine but in the case of cloud web hosting instead of a physical server, your website is a part of the whole network of web hosting.

Most of the big companies prefer to use cloud or cloud VPS web hosting. this is best hosting to run the big website like Amazon, Flipkart and other websites using cloud web hosting or cloud VPS hosting.


So, guys, these are the four type of web hosting and how to choose a better web hosting. if you have any queries regarding this article then you can comment Below. I will definitely give you a reply as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting Tek Panti website.


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