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Top 5 best Android apps for learning English best apps for learning English 2018

Top 5 best Android apps for learning English best apps for learning English 2018

Hello, what's up friends. today news blog post I will give you the top 5 best Android apps for learning English. best apps for learning English 2019. if you are doing IELTS preparation then these Android apps will help you to get good bands in the examination.

these all apps are free and are available in the Google Play Store. you can use these apps in both Android as well as iOS operating system.

English has become an important language to learn. this apps really work very well. learning the English language making you good and building up the multi-tasking skills. this will also help in improving our memory. 

On the internet, there are lots of Android apps available for learning English but in this blog post, our team has selected 5 best apps to learn English in a very short time. I hope this article will help you read this article till the end.

Best apps for learning the English language

1. Improve English word games -

guys at the first I want to talk about the app that is word games. if you want to learn English by playing games then this is the best gaming app to learn English and to improve English.

This Android app gives you to study the progression of understanding. this language. it is Android app helps you to learn more new words and phrases and will clear your confusion of using words.

you can practice your language by playing the game again and again. this app offers lots of ways in which you can do practice for learning English. This  Android app is designed for those want to clear their basics of English language.

 This Android app helps you improve your ability. all it's a great app for learning English. you can download this from Google Play Store or I play store.

2. Lingoda app ~

this is also a good Android app to learn English. this Android app is available for Android as well as iOS. this Android app you can have the online lessons.
you can take private group lessons online by using this app.

In this Android app the classes of 1 to 2 hours you can select a lesson that you want to take. in this Android app, you can choose your teacher and your level to learn. all the study material and the notes are provided by the teacher that you have selected in the app. this is also the best app that you can use to learn English very fast.

3. Duolingo ~

guys Duolingo is also a great app to learn English very fast. this Android app uses lots of games to help you to learn 25 different languages also English language. this Android app is designed for the beginners helping you to learn phrases sentences and verbs.

however trained users can also learn and improve there English by using this Android app. you can improve your speaking, vocabulary and writing by using this app. when you open this App you have to choose the language that you want to learn after that a simple test will be taken from you by this app. 

This Android app gives you a lot of chances to play games and to practice to learn  English.
this is an amazing Android app to learn English and other languages. the bad thing about this app is that it contains ad. you can I remove the ads from this Android app by buying the premium version of this app.

4. Sentence Master Pro-

At the second position, I would like to talk about the Android app that sentences Master Pro. this app is available in Android as well as iOS. this is free Android apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. 

This Android apps encourages the student to challenge themselves in the game to match words to make a sentence. this app works in a way so that the user will get a number of words to complete a full sentence.

this is the best Android app to learn new English words and to increase their vocabulary. in this Android app, there are many levels that you have to pass this is the best Android app to learn English by playing games.

5. Hello English-

this is the most important app to learn English because this app improves your English in a very effective way. this Android app will clear your all aspects of language learning including speaking, grammar, spelling errors, reading skills and translation.

this Android app supports 25 languages including English. you can choose also another language if you want to learn. When you open this App you will be given a small test of 22 questions.

this test will examine the level of your English. after that, the practice test will be given to you by this app according to your English language level.
let's take an example if you get poor scores from the test. then this app will I recommend you to start from the first step. this way this Android app works and very beneficial to learn English.


So, guys, these are the top 5 best Android apps to learn English from home. Tu these apps are very beneficial if you want to learn English. if you have any queries regarding the apps or for the installation purpose. then you can comment below in the comment box. I will definitely give you a reply. thanks for visiting our website that is Tek Panti.

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