Best SEO Tips For The Beginners Blogger - SEO Tips 2020

Best SEO Tips For The Beginners Blogger - SEO Tips 2020

Friends how are you all today guys in this article I will tell you the best tips for the beginner's blogger- SEO 2020. As we all know that SEO is very important for blogging. if you want to get more traffic to your blog then you should know about the SEO tips and tricks.

 Today IN this blog I will explain the tips and tricks of SEO for the beginners. if you really want to get more traffic on your blog then read all the tips and tricks of (Search Engine Optimisation) SEO that sticks with this article and read all about it I hope you will like this article

Best SEO Tips For The Beginners Blogger - SEO Tips 2020
SEO Tips 2020

1. Don't Copy-

GUYS Copying content from other website is not home for your website's ranking. You are not able to rank by having a content copy of any other blog or websites. Google will not even accept your post and even never crawl your blog post. And secondly, if you steal someone's content then the owner can do F I R so that you can be punished for 3 months, it would be better to avoid Copying the content of other blogs. You wrote your own post accordingly.

10 - Write less than 1000 words of content. 50 make do follow backlinks For better ranking Writing at least 1000 words for a good post is very important If you also post less than 1000 words, you are making a mistake. Because Google likes only lengthy posts of more than 1000 words. 

2. Keyword REsearch-

Friends High keyword research is very important or a blogger to rank an article or website in Google search results. High Keywords means to say what people search for when searching on the Google search engine. Guys the knowledge about Search Engine Optimization is Very Important. The word "keyword" is the most searched word in the Google search engine.

Most bloggers of the blogger do not pay attention to the keyword research. They just write a high-quality post without doing any keyword research and do not get much traffic. This is because they don't use the high keyword in their blog post. 

They do not pay attention to use the keyword planner tool of Google.  Keyword Planner tool is very helpful for keyword researching. Here you can find the high keyword and how much is searched in the month OR year. You must use it while writing a post.

Guys Always Target the blog post to the long tail and high search keyword

The use of high keyword should be used in the post of the blog.
1 - First paragraph
2 - Tittle line,
3 - headings, subheading, minor heading and normal
4 - Permalink(Always use custom permalink)
5 - SEO Friendly Description

To make your blog post SEO friendly, as above mentioned above. Use high keyword.

3. No spelling error

Guys this is also an important point to be considered. Friends many of times this happens when writing a lot of word mistakes in our blog post. For this, you can use the Grammarly extension in your browser. This will really help you a lot. Make that less word mistake.

4. Use a high-quality image-

Guys use of images plays a very important role in SEO.yse image in every post of your blog. You probably will not know 1 image is more than 600 words. The visitors who read the image using the image in the blog post understand your post very well. 

And Google also likes such type of post reader will spend more time on your blog this bounce rate will minimize and the ranking of your blog post will increase. Your post might be ranked.

Do not directly download any image from Google post it to your blog post. If you do this the copyright strike can come on the blog. Guys, there are many websites that provide copyright free images that we can use without any worry. Like Pixabay or pixels or Shutterstock WEBSITES.

Must use Image ALT tags while adding an image in a blog post. it is very important for Good SEO if your blog post. Use the alt tag in every image. Only then can your blog post rank in Google search results. Google does not read the image but reads the alt tag Of an image.

5. Fast loading templates and blog designs

It is very Important Factor and plays a prominent role in the ranking of a blog post or website. If the theme or template is light then it will be very good for your website. So that your website can load faster. Thus the ranking of your website can be increased. So always use the light theme for your blog.

6. Good Description-

Always Use a high keyword in your post related description. If you do not write SEO Friendly description in the blog post you can't rank your blog post in the google search results.  your description should be of 150 Words. And not more that than 150 words. Because Google doesn't read the blog description above 150 words. Your 150 words description should describe your blog post.

7. Go to the main keyword-

Friends While writing a blog post, bold the lines which are the main keyword in the whole post. Because google reads all this and it knows. What's in the post is what topic is on. This is also important for Better SEO. 


So, guys, these are the Best SEO Tips For The Beginners Blogger - SEO Tips 2020 Many professional bloggers follow these tips and tricks for the better SEO You can also apply these tips on your blog. I hope This article Helped You a lot. If you have any queries then You can comment below in the Comment box. Thanks For visiting This page.


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